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As seen on TV: Channel Ten "Bondi Vet", National Geographic's "Python Hunters" and BBC's "Wild Things with Dominic Monyhan".

Established in Cairns since 2002, David Walton's Cairns Snake Removals and Wildlife Services is a locally owned business, and specialises in the trapping, removal and relocation of snakes, native species and feral animals in Cairns and district.

We are fully licensed with the QLD DEHP, with all necessary permits and insurance.

Fully licensed with the QLD Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (DEHP), as a statewide Queensland Spotter/Catcher for spotting and relocation of native species from development and works sites, we also hold applicable licence permits for capture and relocation of native species from local residential homes, and for the trapping and removal of feral cats, feral birds and other local feral species.

Service Availability

Our services are available to private home owners, and to Government departments, property managers, commercial buildings and site managers, cattle stations, farms and tourist accommodation.

For specialist advice on capture and relocation of native wildlife and feral animal control, contact us on 0408 331 700 or send us an .

We offer a 24 hour, seven day a week emergency snake catching service in Cairns and surrounding districts.  Phone us on 0408 331 700.

FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are you properly licensed to provide native wildlife trapping and feral animal control services?
    Yes, we carry all the necessary licensing and comply with all local, State and Federal laws.
  2. What areas do you service?
    For snake removals, we cover from Palm Cove in the north to Gordonvale in the south, including Kuranda, Kewarra Beach, Clifton Beach, Trinity Beach, Redlynch, Whitfield, Edge Hill and Forest Gardens. For other species trapping and removal, or other services, please contact us for more details.
  3. What type of payments do you accept?
    We accept Cash, cheque, Mastercard and Visa credit cards, wireless EFTPOS payments and direct debit.
  4. Do you do insect pest inspections?
    Sorry, no, we don't do insect inpections.
  5. Can you check my roof space?
    Yes. We can check your roof for signs of snakes and rodents. 
  6. Can you recognise and repair other potential problem areas?
    Yes. If we see something that we think could be a problem in the future, we will bring it to your attention so you can decide what to do.
  7. Do you provide quotes for inpections?
    Our staff will provide an obligation free quotation after inspecting your premises. All proposed work will be detailed in full, along with costings.
  8. How do I know the relocated animals aren't coming back to my property?
    Our relocation guidelines are in strict accordance with State and Federal Legislation.
  9. If an animal must be put to sleep, what method do you use?
    We use a humane method that is approved by the Australian Veterinary Association. This is unique in the local industry. Call if you would like more details.
  10. Can you catch and remove Flying foxes or domestic dogs?
    No. Our licence doesn't include Flying foxes or domestic dogs. Please contact your local council regarding these species.
  11. Can you catch and remove a wild dog or feral pig from my garden?
    Unfortunately not, we're not permitted to trap or remove feral pigs or wild dogs from suburban properties. Please contact your local council regarding wild dogs and feral pigs in suburban localities.
  12. Can your trap or remove feral pigs or wild dogs from rural properties?
    Yes, we can assist with wild dog and feral pig capture and removal from cattle stations, farms and other large rural properties.
  13. How do I get in touch with you once trapping has started?
    NQ Wildlife Services can be contacted 24 hours a day, seven days a week by mobile 0408 331 700.  You can call at any time of day or night. If needed, leave a message and we'll return your call promptly. You can also e-mail us if you have a non-emergency question.
  14. Will catches be picked up seven days a week?
    Yes, someone is always working during the weekend. If you get a catch, call and notify us as soon as possible. Trapping will proceed as usual.
  15. If I get a catch how quickly can you respond?
    We will make every effort to pick up your animal as quickly as possible.
  16. Who checks the cages?
    We check all the cages to ensure equipment is working at optimal efficiency.
  17. What do you charge?
    Please call our office for current pricing information.
  18. What if I just have a general question?
    Feel free to call us directly on 0408 331 700, or us with your details.

We are also available to remove most feral species and problem native wildlife in suburban areas.

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