Brush Turkey

Animal Trapping

Does it sound or look like you have a critter in your roof or other living space?

Bush turkeys demolishing your carefully tended garden?

Native animals outstaying their welcome in the backyard? Call us now to have the critter safely removed.

Native wildlife we trap and relocate includes snakes and reptiles, bush turkeys, small mammals: possums, quolls, white tailed rats etc., and swooping or aggressive birds.

Callouts are from $60, and we accept cash, cheque, Mastercard and Visa credit cards, direct debit, and also have wireless EFTPOS payment available.

After snake removals, requests for bush turkey traps and removals are the most frequent requests we get.

Native Animal Trapping and Relocation

If you discover a native animal, snake or reptile in the house, please don't approach it, try catch it or handle it.

Make sure children and pets can't disturb or worry the beastie, and close the room or area off until we arrive.

Contact us (NQ Animal Control & Wildlife Services) immediately on 0408 331 700 and we'll visit you, to safely catch and release the animal to a more suitable location.

Northern Quoll

Additional Services

NQ Animal Control & Wildlife Services is available to remove most feral species and problem native wildlife in suburban areas.

And we also offer roof inspections for rodents and snakes, and can provide complete baiting programs for problem rodents.

See also Feral Animal Removals, Snake Catching and Removals, Spotter/Catcher Services, Animal Traps and Supplies, Cage Traps for Hire.

Or call us now on 0408 331 700 for details.

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