2 big snakes

Seeing double. These big fellas came out of a roof during mating season!

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huge snake

5 meter female Amethystine Python captured at Yorkeys Knob Outrigger Club. Greg Graziani, Michael Cole and Shawn Heflick of Florida, from the National Geographic "Python Hunters" TV series, with local snake catcher David Walton. Pic. Mclean Stewart.

snake bite

Even the experts can get bitten! Don't risk it if you're not an experienced handler. Call Cairns Snake Removals on 0408 331 700. We're your emergency 24/7 snake catcher.

Albino Amethystine python

A beautiful Albino Amethystine python.

Native animals, even when rather ferocious looking, can be on the wrong end of family pet attacks or scared humans. "Mick" underwent emergency surgery at a local vet clinic, and was nursed back to health over 6 weeks, before being released back into the wild.

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