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Feral Animal Removals

Your Cairns professional pigeon removalists, NQ Animal Control & Wildlife Services is available to trap and remove most feral species and problem wildlife in Cairns, suburban areas and the tablelands.

Feral pigeons are our speciality.  And we are often called on to deal with feral cats, rodents, and swooping or aggressive birds like Pee wees and  Magpies.

While Pee wees (Australian magpie larks) and magpies are natives, we know how stressful and dangerous they can be with territorial swooping or attacks during nesting season.

Contact us now on M: 0408 331 700 to discuss your nuisance bird control, or with your details, and we'll determine the best course of action for the bird's welfare and peoples' safety.

Feral pigeons

Do you have a Feral pigeon problem?

We specialise in safe and efficient removal of pigeons and other feral birds, especially from outdoor areas, food courts, shopping centres with high foot traffic, and from warehouses, commercial buildings, and any high roofed areas where pest birds can roost and nest.

Birds are much loved by many people, and have an essential place in the environment, but in some instances their presence creates unhealthy living and working conditions, and their droppings result in property damage.

Professional Evaluations

We are fully insured and licensed, and can provide a professional evaluation of your situation and advise on best way to resolve your feral bird problem.

We also offer roof inspections for rodents and snakes, and can provide complete baiting programs for problem rodents.

Contact us now on M: 0408 331 700 to discuss your needs, or with your details.


Please note: some pest control services will use poison to deal with feral birds and animals.  Poison is non selective and if a native bird suffers or is killed, the home or business owner can also be held responsible, and can be fined thousands of dollars by the DEHP.

Please DON'T employ pest control services who use or recommend poison to eliminate feral birds.

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Pastoral Holdings

Cattle stations, farms and large rural properties with feral pig and wild dog problems are also welcome to contact us on M: 0408 331 700 to discuss your needs, or with your details.

Additional Services

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