Cairns Snake Removals

NQ Animal Control Services

Tel: 0408 331 700

Snake Catching

Cairns Snake Removals has operated in Cairns, catching snakes and relocating reptiles since 2002.

We're on call 24/7, so if you need a snake removed right now, then phone us straight away on M: 0408 331 700.

Spotter/Catcher Services

If your Development Impact Report or Impact Survey has recommended a Spotter/Catcher, or you have been told that you need a Spotter/Catcher, contact us on 0408 331 700 or Email us with your details.

Animal Trapping

We trap and relocate native wildlife from suburban and residential properties, and we are also available to remove most feral animals and problem species in suburban areas.

IR Cameras / Camera Traps

These wireless infrared cameras are perfect for operation in the field. Suitable for wildlife field research and observation, livestock monitoring, crop surveillance and security purposes

Our Services

Python for relocation

NQ Animal Control Services is a locally owned business, in the Cairns region.

Established since 2002, we are Cairns leading snake catching service, available full time, 24/7, servicing Cairns and district.

We are the preferred snake, reptile and native wildlife trapping and relocation professionals for home owners and businesses in the Cairns and Tablelands region, specialising in the safe capture and relocating of protected species, and catching and removal of feral species.

Call David on 0408 331 700 for prompt and efficient service 24/7.

We are DEHP accredited, fully licenced and insured to protect both our customers and wildlife.

About Us

  • NQ Animal Control Services
  • Tel: 0408 331 700
  • DEHP Licenced
  • ABN: 13 929 627 876
  • Bayview Heights, CAIRNS QLD 4868, Australia.
  • Service Area

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