water rat in cage

Animal Traps & Supplies

We use and hire out wire cage traps, as well as selling snake handling equipment to licensed snake owners.

Traps for Hire

We have rigid traps are available for hire for $25 for 7 days, with a rear door for ease of handing.

Pick up traps from our convenient location, and we'll give you a briefing on how to set up and manage the trapping.  Once trapping has started, you can contact us 24/7.

Available cage traps are suitable for:

  • Bush turkeys, Pee wees (Australian magpie larks)
  • Possums
  • Feral cats
  • White tailed rat traps (aka Uromys caudimaculatus, Melamys, Melomys, Giant White-tailed rats, naked tailed rat)

us now for more information, or call on 0408 331 700 during business hours.

Snake Handling Equipment

PLEASE NOTE: Unless you are a professional licensed snake handler, don't try to catch a snake or trap it yourself! Contact us immediately on M: 0408 331 700 to get it removed.  We are available 24/7.

NQ Animal Control Services supplies snake handling equipment suitable for snake keepers, wildlife handlers and animal handlers in zoos, wildlife parks, veterinary clinics etc..

Snake Hooks and Snake Bags

Ideal for the rescue and relocation of snakes.  Locally made!

Stainless steel triangle snake hoops, small and large available: Price: Ask

Velcro removable Heavy Duty black cotton snake bags:   Price: Ask

us now for more information, or call on 0408 331 700 during business hours.

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