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Spotter/Catcher Services

Does your project require a licenced spotter catcher?

Legal Requirments

In Queensland, land clearing and vegetation removal is governed by local, state and federal legislation such as the Queensland Nature Conservation Act 1992, the Queensland Vegetation Management Act 1999 and the Commonwealth Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

Clearing vegetation often poses a risk to native wildlife.

Projects may requisite fauna spotter catcher services to manage this risk and to satisfy permit requirements.

Our Wildlife Services provide a professional fauna spotter catcher service with local knowledge, understanding and experience of local conditions in the Far North Queensland region.

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Cairns Snake Removals,Snake Catchers Cairns

Licences and Permits

Our Wildlife Services are fully certified by the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (DEHP), holding permits for Spotter Catcher/Rehabilitation – Queensland wide, and Damage Mitigation – Cairns, Townsville, Weipa & Cook regions, for mammals, birds and reptiles

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We are trained snake and reptile handlers with over 16 years of experience in large and small contracts of all kinds from Townsville to Cairns and the Tablelands in North Queensland.

Our Spotter Catcher Services

During vegetation clearing, you need fauna spotter catchers during who are fully experienced and equipped to provide the following services:

  • Latest electronic monitoring, trapping & approved wildlife handling equipment
  • Certified snake and reptile handler
  • Senior 1st Aid
  • Construction blue card
  • Contacts of wildlife veterinarians and carers
  • Pre-clearance inspections of animal breeding habitat such as nest sites and hollow trees/logs
  • Pre-clearance fauna trapping programs
  • Supply of alternative housing including nesting boxes or strategic placement of preserved old growth hollow logs
  • Koala spotter services
  • Reporting (including compulsory government reporting)

We have worked with Government agencies, councils, property development companies, construction and civil engineering companies, pastoral companies and major landholders, as well as individual property owners with wildlife habitat that will be affected by building works.

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Cairns Snake Removals,Snake Catchers Cairns