Cairns Snake Removals,Snake Catchers Cairns

Cairns Snake Catcher

We catch the BIG snakes!

Cairns Snake Removals is a reliable 24/7 service, so call us on 0408 331 700, if you need a snake removed straight away.

No snake too big or too small! Cairns Snake Removals offers a 24 hour 7 day service for the removal and relocation of all snakes and reptiles.

Got a Scrub python helping itself to your backyard chooks? Or a slippery snake gave you a fright and is now hiding behind the fridge or washing machine?

Has a snake made itself at home in your roof space?

We have operated in Cairns and district, safely removing and relocating snakes & reptiles since 2002, and have more than 10 years experience handling large snakes over 3.5 metres, as well as venomous snakes.

Humane live capture – Fully licenced

At Cairns Snake Removals we specialise in humane live capture techniques, and the capture and relocation of venomous snakes. And we are fully licenced and insured to protect both you and the wildlife.

Callouts are from $60, and we accept cash, cheque, Mastercard and Visa credit cards, direct debit, and also have wireless EFTPOS payment available.

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Cairns Snake Removals,Snake Catchers Cairns

Catching Snakes

Please don’t try to catch a snake or trap it yourself!

This may needlessly provoke the animal and cause injury and distress to everyone. Most bites occur while trying to kill* or catch a snake.

If the snake is located inside the house or a building, keep children and pets (especially dogs) away from the area and call Cairns original snake catcher immediately on 0408 331 700 for reliable, safe and efficient trapping and removal of the snake.

If the snake or reptile is outside in the garden, by the pool, chook pen, garden shed etc., try to isolate the area from any activity, including pets, and call us on 0408 331 700 straight away.

We have been Cairns most reliable 24 hour emergency call out snake catching service since 2002.

*All snakes and native fauna are protected species under Australian law.

Snake Handling Equipment

NQ Animal Control and Wildlife Services also supplies professional Snake Handling Equipment.

Additional Services

We offer roof inspections for rodents and snakes, and can provide complete baiting programs for problem rodents.

And we are also available to remove most feral species and problem native wildlife in suburban areas.

See also Feral Animal Removals, Native Animal Trapping, Spotter/Catcher Services, Animal Traps and Supplies, Cage Traps for Hire.

Or call us now on 0408 331 700 for details

Cairns Snake Removals,Snake Catchers Cairns